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A heartwarming and funny bilingual children's book with a difference that will help children to learn Spanish.

A little mouse walks into the Lost & Found, but can only speak Spanish. How will Mr and Mrs Frog figure out what the mouse is missing…? Aimed at children aged 2 - 7, the unique ‘Story-powered language learning method’ combines humour, story and emotion to gently introduce kids to more than forty simple and fun Spanish words and phrases.

The majority of the text is in English with Spanish words and phrases slipped in as the story progresses. Having a main character who only speaks in the new language helps to build empathy and a positive attitude towards people who speak different languages.

The Fabulous Lost & Found and the Little Spanish Mouse is an ideal story to share with young children being introduced to Spanish for the first time. A list of the Spanish words and phrases from the story are shown at the back of the book, together with their English translations. I

The Fabulous lost and Found and the Little Spanish Mouse

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