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It's time for Molly to go to bed but she takes a long time getting ready. What has happened to Dad?

Children will love these warm and humorous stories and the enchanting colour illustrations by very talented illustrators.

The carefully controlled Spanish and English bilingual text with lots of repetition makes them perfect for early readers in either language. Each book ends with a short picture dictionary to highlight the key words in the new language. The book also includes an introduction on using the book and a complete guide to the pronunciation of the foreign language as well as: - genuine and appealing stories on universal childhood themes - simple, repetitive text, ideal for reading aloud - high quality 4 colour illustrations in different lively styles - adaptable to any bilingual or monolingual edition - perfect for early readers in either language. 

Hurry Up, Molly/Apurate, Molly (I Can Read Spanish)

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