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¡Hola Amigos!


As parents don’t we always want the best for our children? I want my kids to have broad horizons and high aspirations, to travel and to have a big, bright , bold future.

I believe languages can do all this, but our primary schools just aren't geared up to teaching them properly – which is huge shame as primary school age is the perfect time to get our kids learning a language!

- Rocket Lingo Spanish online classes and learning resources inspire inquisitive children to engage in a new language and culture. We provide an opportunity to make language accessible and engaging. We allow families to bring a new language into their lives in an easy and fun way.

- We help children to have confidence, higher aspirations, raise educational achievement and future prospects.

- And we save parents time by engaging and motivating their children to learn so they don’t have the battle themselves.

- We help them create the life they dream of for their children.

Just click the link below for a mini taster lesson.

Enjoy! Kate Rocket Lingo 

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